Private Label Services

Are you selling your own brand of solid carbide end mills and drills?

Are you buying from a cutting tool manufacturer and putting your own label / brand into the market?

An increasing number of manufacturers and distributors are seizing the opportunity of widening their product offering and developing a unique relationship with their customers with their own brand of solid carbide drills and end mills. In today's market, there are many sources for such product. But there is a limit to the uniqueness of tool designs available and the performance results delivered against the industry leaders, by the tools provided by these traditional sources.

BETTER EDGE provides you a unique alternative. We can be your engineering & manufacturing department.

Sometimes, it's a simple tool, with a slight variation.

  • A step drill with a back-chamfer
  • An end mill with a chipbreaker
  • A double end rougher

Tell us about the unique idea you have, or the application you want a product to serve and the competitors you want to position it against and we'll provide a tool design that's unique for your brand AND we'll manufacture and package it for you.

Why limit your offering to what someone else provides as a standard?

Let BETTER EDGE help you stand uniquely above the competition!

Conventional or High Performance Geometry, in traditional or unique style. BETTER EDGE can provide you with a tool design unique to your brand.