Manufactured Specials

From Simple Specials to Complex Blueprints to
Original Engineered Design

BETTER EDGE provides tools that comply AND perform
…reliably and consistently

With over 25 years' experience in designing and manufacturing solid round cutting tools for the most demanding users throughout the industrial metalworking industry, the BETTER EDGE team knows what it takes to provide the highest quality in service, specification compliance and product performance its customers need to be productive and competitive in today's market.

Whether your requirement is simply a special size, or length, or the geometry is complex and designed for a specific application, we can manufacture the following tool types in solid or coolant-thru styles:

  • Conventional or High Performance Drills & Step Drills
  • Conventional or High Performance End mills
  • Trepanning Tools
  • Porting Tools
  • Counterbores & Countersinks
  • Reamers

Special solid carbide drills and solid carbide end mills are BETTER EDGE's specialty. Whether the geometry of the tool is conventional and what makes it special is only its size, or the tool requires high performance elements such as a unique edge gash or drill point form, a variable helix, unequal flute division, or special edge prep, BETTER EDGE can engineer and manufacture tools to perfectly suit your application objectives.

We'll work from a blueprint of your tool or the part you need to machine, a sketch, or even a written description. For the most efficient process, simply submit your request online.

Response Time - Most quotations are done the same day. The maximum is 24 hours. If we need more time, or have questions, you'll still hear from us within 24 hours to let you know.

Lead Times - Specific lead times are provided with our quotation. However, most simple specials are done within 1-2 weeks. Unless we have issues with obtaining substrate material or formed blanks, complex specials are delivered within 2-3 weeks. We also keep you well informed about any required adjustments in lead times throughout the process.

Repeat Orders - BETTER EDGE is best known for the performance consistency we provide customers in tools supplied under repeat orders. Engineer our programming in order to assure our customers consistent and reliable results the next time they order the same tool from us.

Reconditioning Services - If the special tool can be cost effectively reconditioned, we will enclose the prices for doing so with our quotation for your special. The reconditioning prices provided will be held firm throughout the life of the tool and the services provided through our Better Edge Reconditioning Division.

Why deal with long lead times and high prices from Cutting Tool Manufacturers?

Why sacrifice CNC tolerances from small, manual tool & cutter grinders?

Assure the highest quality compliance and performance… Submit a request today!