About Us

Better Edge manufacturing is a new division of services provided by our Better Edge team. Due to the enhanced productivity results we're providing our customers by modifying the basic geometry of their cutters to suit their specific application, an increasing number of them have asked us to serve their special tooling needs and manufactured tools for them from “scratch.” Responding to our customer's needs is important to us, but so is maintaining the performance advantage we enjoy. To do that we need to focus our machines and processes differently for either reconditioning tools or manufacturing specials. And now, to serve both…we've separated our production activities and initiated this new division.

Special solid carbide drills and solid carbide end mills are Better Edge's specialty. Whether the geometry of the tool is conventional and what makes it special is only its size, or the tool requires high performance elements such as a unique edge gash or drill point form, a variable helix, unequal flute division, or special edge prep, Better Edge can engineer and manufacture tools to perfectly suit your application objectives.

Bill Shaffer, the company's founder, has a long and experienced history in manufacturing solid carbide cutting tools. His 25 years of experience include his involvement with the development of Kennametal's first internal solid round cutting tool facility. He's provided metalworking's most demanding customers throughout the United States and around the world with simple and complex special carbide cutting tools designed to maximize productivity. And with this new division, specifically focused on producing specials, Bill brings that expertise to serve your needs.

Conveniently located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Better Edge is easily and quickly accessible to the industrial heart of the Northeast Region. With state-of-the-art, specially designed CNC 5-Axis grinders, highly sophisticated inspection equipment and in-house coating capabilities, end users throughout the region can enjoy the performance edge Better Edge can provide with fast turnaround and competitive prices.

Try us… Send us a print, or call for a quote. Prove to yourself Better Edge's special solid carbide cutting tools truly outperform!

Designing and manufacturing special solid round carbide cutting tools is our specialty. We can work from your blueprint, your sketch, or even a written description. We can even enhance the performance of your tool by modifying the geometry to suit the particular material being machined. More information →.