Better Edge manufacturing is a new division of services provided by our Better Edge team. Due to the enhanced productivity results we're providing our customers by modifying the basic geometry of their cutters to suit their specific application, an increasing number of them have asked us to serve their special tooling needs and manufactured tools for them from “scratch.” Responding to our customer's needs is important to us, but so is maintaining the performance advantage we enjoy. To do that we need to focus our machines and processes differently for either reconditioning tools or manufacturing specials. And now, to serve both…we've separated our production activities and initiated this new division.

Bill Shaffer, the company's founder, has a long and experienced history in this aspect of cutting tool services. His 25 years' experience includes his involvement with the development of Kennametal's solid round cutting tool manufacturing facility, which provided original production and regrinding services for their factories and holemaking customers. Over time, he developed expert processes and modified machine designs to optimize productivity and specification compliance accuracy. Simply sharpening an edge wasn't good enough. In order to provide similar performance to a new tool, it is critical to replicate the original manufacturer's specifications. Bill's team developed ways to do that on a consistent basis and in 1998, Better Edge was founded.

Bill, now full owner and President of Better Edge, has expanded the company's services to include reconditioning capabilities for many tool styles, including end mills, trepanning and porting cutters, counterbores and custom designed tools. In addition, Better Edge capabilities also serve new, complex geometries and edge prep requirements of high performance cutters. Whether a standard tool, or a complex special… no geometry is too difficult for this team.

Conveniently located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Better Edge is easily and quickly accessible to the industrial heart of the Northeast Region. With state-of-the-art, specially designed CNC 5-Axis grinders, highly sophisticated inspection equipment and in-house coating capabilities, end users throughout the region have long been benefiting from Better Edge's superior work, getting better performance, longer tool life and more regrinds per tool.

Today, Better Edge serves end users throughout the United States from Automotive & Transportation, Aerospace & Defense, Heavy Equipment, Tool Manufacturing, Medical and Energy industries. When it's important to have the reconditioned tool meet the performance results it gave when it was new… more and more users are finding Better Edge is the Best and most consistent at doing just that!

Reconditioned Custom Tools

Reconditioning custom designed tools is our specialty. We can also enhance performance results by modifying geometry to suit the particular material being machined. More information →